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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there -Rumi.

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About the Domain Name and More To It

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How am i a hipster when I’m broke and brown. The domain (hipster.id) is for the laugh, really. So What’s a hipster anyway? It is a middle to upper class white person living in urban area with yuge (ahem huge) aspiration to become a poet, a writer, a director, et cetera. Picture them as a person who thinks they can do better than Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, or Bob Dylan. Read More...


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Oh hey, think I’ll blog again. This time, instead of using WordPress, i use Hugo. The move from dynamic full-featured CMS like WordPress to the fully static Hugo not only increase page loading time but also much easier on the VPS resources! Currently, i also playing around with Pelican, the Python-based static site generator, and i’m totally loving it, PLUS it is licensed under AGPL. I’m still deciding between the two, but as i am more familiar with Hugo, I’ll stick with it for the time being. Read More...