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About the Domain Name and More To It

How am i a hipster when I’m broke and brown. The domain ( is for the laugh, really.

So What’s a hipster anyway?

It is a middle to upper class white person living in urban area with yuge (ahem huge) aspiration to become a poet, a writer, a director, et cetera. Picture them as a person who thinks they can do better than Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, or Bob Dylan.

And yet, what we have now is the overrated Jonathan Safran Foer, and Vampire Weekend.

I’m a follower of the old gods, you know.. the like of Billy Joel, Martin Scorsese, Robert de Niro, Francis Coppola, Al Pacino, Ella, Satchmo, and Chet Baker, among other. It doesn’t matter really because both great music and great movie made an era irrelevant. You can watch Manhattan today and still get awash by the glamour of it, or you can watch Notting Hill and scream that’s one super tacky movie.

I don’t catch up with today’s scene as it can be a let down. One light bite example, just when i thought that Lorde is the next great artist, then Melodrama came out. 😔

As of now when i have my free time, Instead of discovering new sound, i’m trying to rediscover more of old sound. Joni Mitchell once said in an interview that Bob Dylan got a lot of things borrowed from this and that artist, so naturally i’d like to know more about these artists.

To sum up, there’s one scene in Taxi Driver that can capture what i feel about all of these “confusing” aesthetic of present day. It is the scene when Travis met Sport.

Travis: … I’m hip

Sport: … Funny, you don’t look hip…